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The Achievers are one of the most talked about and critically acclaimed new bands on the UK Blues and Roots Music scene. With a reputation for innovation and originality they prove that soul, groove and song-craft still matter in the blues.

Their own brand of modern, secular 'Dancefloor Gospel' has catapulted them from near-complete obscurity to rave reviews and big-stage appearances across Europe. Following the success of their 2018 debut album 'Live at The SVA' the UK Blues Federation chose The Achievers as a finalist in the 6th UK Blues Challenge, seemingly recognising the need to modernise and diversify the genre. With their infectious rhythms, joyful melodies and four-part harmonies The Achievers stand proudly as British Blues & Roots outliers.

Recorded mostly 'live in the studio' over two days in early May 2019 The Lost Arc is as much of an event as it is an album - it marks the arrival of The Achievers as a new force in British Blues & Roots songwriting. The fruits of a dedicated co-writing brotherhood, The Lost Arc is deliberately loose, quirky and intimate. Instantly catchy and irreverent, the 10 tracks whizz by in 39 soulful, fat-free minutes.

The band draw on their obsession with American vintage dancing music and the songwriting pioneers of early Rhythm & Blues, Americana and Southern Soul. Lyrics candidly explore, among other things: remedies for modern-day loneliness, the usefulness of a local man with a famous name, and the unnerving sweet-spot between oblivion and recovery.


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